Launching of the official team sponsorship program!!!

Welcome to the first blog post of Infantryshop USA! I am glad to post this announcement of the launching of the official team sponsorship program of ours as our very first blog. Infantryshop USA already has been supporting many airsoft teams in the US with various level of sponsorship and discounts. However, we felt that we needed more standardized program which offers all qualified airsoft teams and fellow airsoft players the best support.

Effective immediately (4/24/2018), we will accept 'NEW' applications for our official team sponsorship program. We will start with a small number of teams on this program initially. So, if you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us ASAP. Here is the qualification requirements for teams;

(1) The team actively engages in local/regional/national airsoft events at least weekly.
(2) The team consists of at least 5 members of more and should be located within continental US area.
(3) The team has at least one or more social network (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc) account which actively posts its activities.
(4) The team is registered with at least one or more online airsoft team registry (ex: Airsoft C3, Airsoft GI, etc).
(5) The team (or its member) has at least one previous history of business transaction with Infantryshop USA.

Benefits of the sponsored team is as below;

(1) The team qualifies for purchase of merchandises of Infantryshop USA at the discounted prices (MOQ applies. Percentage varies depending on type of products).
(2) The team qualifies for free supply of promotional items of Infantryshop USA (ex: patches, flags, banners, etc.)
(3) The team qualifies for free online promotion service of the team via the website and/or social network page of Infantryshop USA.

Responsibilities of the sponsored team is as below;

(1) The team establishes and maintains good reputation of the team among local/regional/national airsoft communities.
(2) The team actively engages in local/regional/national airsoft events.
(3) The team actively publishes social network posts of its activities with provided promotional items shown.
(4) The team represents and advocates its sponsor (Infantryshop USA) and its merchandises in front of general public and airsoft community.

If you are interested in our sponsorship program, please use the following instructions;

(1) Please send us an email with your interest to
(2) You will be contacted by one of our representatives with our program application packet. Please fill out the application packet completely and send it back to us. You need to include your team name, your location, names of all team members, contact information (phone & email), social network and/or website address(es).
(3) Once the application packet is received, we will review your packet and your social network activities to determine the acceptance to the program or not. Once the decision is made, the team will be notified of it and will receive the welcome email with all information about how to access the sponsor benefits.
(4) Upon the first delivery of any order after acceptance to the program, the team will receive its free promotional items to use. Promotional items will be provided to the team in gradually increasing manner depending on the level of activities. To qualify for more promotional items, active engagement in team activity is crucial.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in this excellent program!

Very respectfully,

James Hwang
Infantryshop USA

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