[H23-1] BLS Perfect Airsoft .23g BBs White BB 0.23g .23 0.23 6mm 4,347CT

[H23-1] BLS Perfect Airsoft .23g BBs White BB 0.23g .23 0.23 6mm 4,347CT


Caliber: 6mm
Weight: .23 gram
Color: White
Count: 4,347 BBs (1kg) 
Material: Plastic

Welcome to BLS, LIEN SHENG PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD established in 1991, the beginning of the precision grinding of the jewelry industry, and developed Airsoft BB production in 1996. BLS has fully automatic production line. The processes are injection, precision grinding, polishing and cleaning. BLS is professional to ODM and OEM, and BLS is trusted by Airsoft manufacturers all over the world. We focus on quality and environment and we have certificate of ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system. BLS always determines on marking high quality Airsoft BB products and tries to find a new design and new materials to make our products stronger and more competitive. BLS is your reliable and trustful partner and looks forward to contacting you. 

Did you know that BLS is one of the three (3) largest BB manufacturers in the world? Did you know that almost all premium BBs you have been using actually are being OE manufactured by BLS? Elite Force, Valken (Taiwan batches), Madbull, Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, KWA.......... You name it!!! Now, you can get the same premium quality BBs for a lot less cost!!!

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